Loyal Canine Co.

The Loyal Canine Company creates all-natural grooming and care products for your dog. All our goods are handmade with passion here in Canada. We have worked hard to create products of the finest quality that are effective and built to last a lifetime. These are the kind of products we would buy ourselves and most importantly, make us proud!

Itโ€™s our belief that the relationship between a man and his dog should be celebrated. Our companions deserve to feel as comfortable in their own skin as we do in ours.

You give loyalty; you'll get it back. You give love; you'll get it back.


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Godspeed Co.

The Godspeed Company exists for the love of all things motorcycle and design. With an appreciation of the past, the company embraces the future by producing innovative ideas rooted in motorcycle culture. After the successful launch of our website and The Shop Rag Shirt, we are looking forward to the introduction of wholesaling and the growth of our product line.


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City Dog Living